Coffs Harbour’s CreAsian restaurant will reopen its doors in a brand new location in the City Square Town Centre.

Head chef Owen Young has listened to the patrons and is pleased to bring you a new menu which contains many old favourites and traditional food as well as keeping the food well known in CreAsian.

Owen Young is a third-generation Coffs Harbour restaurateur who grew up in the family business and followed his grandfather, father, uncle and aunt into the family’s well-known restaurant.

Having taken to the woks and pans at the age of 18, he now has over 20 years of culinary experience under his belt, a passion for food and a head full of recipes and successful flavour combinations.

Our menu stems from the authentic Chinese cooking of his own heritage, but also features flavours from South East Asia.

For new and traditional flavours as well as a new culinary experience…. visit us today.